Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The Grave and Mortal Danger of Olive Oil in Dipping Bowls Has Been Removed"

While Europe's fiscal meltdown continues along, the world can rest assured that the massive problem of olive oil of unknown provenance on your dining table has been solved by the geniuses at the EU.
Olive oil jugs and dipping bowls will be banned from restaurant tables from next year following a controversial ruling by the European Commission.
From January 1, restaurants will only be able to serve olive oil in pre-packaged, tamper-proof, factory bottles which adhere to EU labelling standards.
The decision has unsurprisingly not gone down well with restaurant-goers and chefs alike.
European Commission spokesman Oliver Bailly tried to alleviate some of the criticism by claiming the new regulation would actually benefit consumers.
He told a news briefing in Brussels: ‘We are just making clear that when you want to have olive oil of a certain quality in a restaurant, you get exactly the one you are paying for.’
Europeans should feel better already.  Courtesy of Nigel Farage's latest beauteous rant.


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