Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey Soledad...

This kinda rhetoric might get you a spot at Harvard, but that's about it.  Your musings don't make white America uncomfortable, they make us sigh.  Your "conversations" are jejune, banal, tiresome, empty, flat, bland, childish.  We're not not reacting because we are paralyzed by logical dissonance, we are not reacting because it is all so lame and ignorable.

Case in point.  Today's headlines bring us news that Detroit is bankrupt, that the ongoing municipal shit show that is the Motor City is worse that anybody thought.  The apotheosis of black America, the quintessential black run municipality is a disaster of epic proportions.  It is a model of the politics and theories that minorities would love to extend across the land and have.  And it is a fucking disaster and we can't say anything because of political correctness and the infernal effort to cow whites away from honest analysis with the accusation of racism.  Call Detroit what it is, a shit show if municipal corruption and malfeasance, and you are branded the worst sort of racist.  So what do we do?  Civically retreat - shut up, not care, and let places like Detroit burn.  If we're going to be branded racists for advancing the revolutionary concept that you shouldn't spend more than you take in, then we say "Screw this tiresome tripe, we might as well move out.  Disengage." 

We're down to the point where eating tacos is racist and a college logo of a dog is sexist.  It's all a magnificent farce and you and your fellow travelers have built this farcical world for us.  So, no, it's not uncomfortable.  It's silly.  And thus we treat YOU as silly, and you interpret that rejection as some sort of racial animus or defense mechanism.  It's not.  It is an old school purge of ridiculous voices in the public square.  It has been going on since time immemorial, in an open square there are always too many voices, a cacaphony.  To save time and energy, and get on with business, society dispenses with the useless ones so we can give those with something to say more time.


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