Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cuomo Slush Fund Drys Up Without Secrecy

I missed this one.  Here is an awesome tidbit...without secrecy, donations to Cuomo slush fund dry up.
Donations for a lobbying group that promotes Gov. Andrew Cuomo's policies dropped from $17 million to zero after the state ethics board began requiring that donors be named, a 2012 federal tax filing provided Friday to The Associated Press shows.
The business-based Committee to Save New York has funded statewide TV ad blitzes boosting Cuomo's popularity and has lobbied the Legislature and public to support his proposals. The committee spent millions spinning Cuomo's image, without requiring the Democrat to touch his own massive campaign account, whose donors must be identified.
This is what Democrats are all about, and New York Democrats about 100x so.


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