Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stop With the "Islam Is a Religion Peace" Stuff Already

I'm talking to you, Mr. Cameron.

Really.  At some point (either already passed or surely soon to be reached) rational people will have to reassess the pandering to Islamist sensitivities.  How many terrorist attacks, how many suicide bombers, how many meat cleaver beheadings on the streets of a modestly civilized Western town like, say, London does the rational mind have to be confronted with before we state the obvious - all these barbarisms committed in the name of Islam sure don't seem peaceful, perhaps there is something about Islam that isn't, you know, peaceful?

It wouldn't be the first time that level-headed, clear-thinking people made just that assessment.

So, because a billion or so Muslims aren't all about town murdering and beheading infidels, we must adhere to the notion that Islam is inherently peaceful?  This is poppycock.  First, about 800 million of those billion are not in enough proximity of an infidel to contemplate a beheading in the name of Allah.  Furthermore most are too poor and intent solely on scraping out a living and something meager to eat. However, of that small population of Muslims (what, maybe 100 million) that mix with non-Muslims everyday in modestly heterogeneous socieities, there does seem to be a disproportionate amount of decidedly non-peaceful meat cleaver, firearm or explosive material uses.  Funny that.

The West needs a resurgence of cultural confidence whereby until such time as there are zero beheadings in the name of Allah, we will deem Islam an inspiration of violence and treat its adherents accordingly.

UPDATE:  Um, er, this would not be indicative of that cultural confidence of which I speak.   General Napier is turning over in his grave.

UPPDATE:  The Powerline guys have a typically excellent take on the whole affair.  And, I just thought of a better title of this post apropos Mr. Cameron, "How Do You Say 'Man-Caused Disaster' in Etonian"?  Perhaps we should naturally expect Orwellian Bullshit from the land of Orwell, no?


Blogger Jeff Dorsai said...

How to you turn a "moderate" muslim into a jihadist ?
access to weapons and proximity to Jews seems to work quite often ...

5:04 PM  

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