Friday, May 24, 2013

I'll Take This Type of Hypocrisy All Day Long...

This is mildly annoying, but it is merely hypocrisy. 

Commerce Nominee Sails Through Confirmation Hearing Despite Not Reporting $80 Million Income, Offshore Tax Shelters

More hypocrisy is just another drop in the ocean.  What we need to be on guard for is dangerousness.  Penny Pritzker is not dangerous.  She's a trust fund baby, she does nothing and knows nothing.  She is "in business" simply because she has wealth.  And Commerce Secretary is a meaningless post.

If we just got empty people filling meaningless posts, we'd be in good shape.  But we've empty people filling important posts (see Kerry, John or Lew, Jack) or dangerous people filling powerful posts (see Perez, Tom). 

Give me hypocrisy all day long, but only if we can end the dangerous zealotry and the dangerous idiocy.


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