Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eric Holder Has Always Sucked, Still Sucks

Eric Holder was always an extreme poor choice to be Attorney General.  It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing, but the inevitable has been kept at bay for a good five years.  The bill for bad choices usually always comes due.  It's coming due now.

Note, this is what I said the day Holder was appointed
The economy is without question the most important issue of our day - layoffs are accelerating, bankruptcy fears are rising, the stock market is down 15%+ since the election - and is critical to all else that we do as a nation, but what does Obama hop right on? Making sure that a run-of-the-mill, uninspiring Clintonite bureaucrat is our new AG. Brilliant. Oh yeah, and give the market a nice shot of "climate change". The market is coming to realize that we bought ourselves a pig in a poke. But that is what all the big money hedgies and Goldman liberals wanted. Enjoy.
It spoke volumes about who Obama is and would be in office.  We weren't paying attention.  Shame on us, but forget shame, the costs will be real not psychological.  Be prepared to pay, the bills for our national folly are rapidly coming due.

UPDATE:  Although I wasn't nearly as prescient as Mark Tapscott.  Wow, that was a call.  Actually, not really; in terms of analysis, it was pretty easy.  But it was ballsy, to throw a turd in the punch bowl of Hopenchange like that.


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