Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Face It, Alan Blinder Is a Shill for Leviathan

There comes a time when you have to throw away all reliance on someone's credentials and judge them on present evidence and performance.  In that spirit I wonder why anybody would listen to a word Alan Blinder say or writes anymore.  I've pointed out his daftness numerous times before.  Well, today he seals his descent into the ridiculous by declaring Dear Leader's budget "responsible."  In reality, the federal government hasn't produced a responsible budget in decades, but even by the low standard of our government, Obama's latest budget is disastrously irresponsible.  The best that can be said of this latest budget proposal is that it, perhaps, is not the most disastrously irresponsible of Obama's tenure. 

I wish I had time to fisk this daft column, but I don't (it is tax season you see) but I will be on the lookout for the best takedown available and I will link to it.  I imagine budget svengali Keith Hennessey will have some something to say.

Finally, we'll see how responsible this budget based on how many votes it gets in Harry Reid's Senate.  The last Obama budget got precisely zero (0) votes from that sausage-making spending machine.  That's the very definition of irresponsible.  If this one gets more than that, I guess we can say, directionally, Obama has made progress by inching ever so slightly away from careening toward dead-flat broke.


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