Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Business Chooses to Massively Shrink Rather Than Invest In Obama's Economy

Home Depot will buy back $17 billion worth of its own stock.  $17 billion. 
The home improvement giant also announced it would buy back as much as $17 billion of its own shares, and raise its dividend 35 percent to 39 cents from 29 cents a share.
I have talked about and predicted massive buybacks for some time now.  I have told you that we'd see a ton of them and what they mean
 American Business is hiding under their desks.  They could be hiring and growing but we elected fools who want to beat them into submission - it is as simple as that.  Enjoy your economy America.
Such is the depressingly limited opportunity set that we have in Obama's economy that industry leading companies choose to shrink by a figure like $17 billion rather than reinvest.


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