Friday, January 04, 2013

Santelli Channels DB!

Santelli channels Donny Baseball !!  Yeah, who are the lunatics?

Time we tell these overseas observers to STFO and/or FOAD.  They are all a bunch of statist Keynesian knobheads.  We've been kicking their economic asses for a century while they dabble in war, genocide, socialism (but I repeat myself), and cultural disintegration; and, it is precisely when we decide to imitate them that we start heading into the toilet.  Let's call these schmucks out, oh wait, I did...
Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan is a bloody ignoramus.

We here in the US have the largest sovereign debt in the history of the world and that is just the bonded debt.  Our total actual liabilities are easily five times larger.  We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world, one of the most progressive tax regimes, and yet we still can't afford the level of government we have as evidenced by four straight fiscal years of $1 trillion plus deficits.  Our deficits have been running nearly as large as all of Australia's GDP.  We're getting deeper in hock to the tune of one Australia every year.  We're doing this by subsidizing the the retirements and artificial hips of the wealthiest cohort of people to ever walk the planet, allowing teachers to retire at 55 with $2 million annuities, and putting 15% of the nation on food assistance.

And the folks that want to put an end to this are the crazies and the cranks?  You sir, are a fool.


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