Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Would You Have Flown On Vlad Putin's Brand New Jet?

I have only modestly chronicled the attempt to rebuild the Russian aviation industry and Russia's attempts to kick start this effort by infiltrating Airbus.  Alas, the Russian aviation resurgence experienced a setback yesterday
 A Sukhoi SuperJet 100, the first new Russian passenger plane in more than two decades, disappeared during a demonstration flight in Indonesia with about 40 people onboard. The plane vanished from radar in West Java at around 2:33 p.m., after declining to 6,000 feet, according to Sunarbowo Sandi, operational director at Indonesia‚Äôs National Search & Rescue Agency.
Perhaps this is just like the early years of aviation where brave, pioneering souls have to die (sub. req. but worth it) for society as a whole to advance.  Perhaps.  Or maybe this is a case of the arrogance and blindness of centrally planned economies trying to do extremely difficult things for which they are not setup to accomplish successfully.  It is not that Russia is theoretically incapable of building a worthy aircraft, it is that Vlad Putin's centrally planned kleptocracy is not a system under which a world-class commercial aviation enterprise can emerge.


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