Thursday, May 03, 2012

Henninger Asks Great, Worthless Question

Dan Henninger tries valiantly, as I have done many times, to get the voting-age youth of America to wake up and start using their brains.

Why would anyone under the age of 25 vote for Barack Obama in November?
It's always worth the ole' college try, as they say, Dan, but I'm afraid this effort is futile.  Frankly, I'm not sure the youth of America is capable of even understanding where you are coming from.  They've been so thoroughly brainwashed by the Gramscian march through the institutions and/or just don't have the life experience and mental fortitude to ponder their fate in the way that you and I feel they should.  I see several recent college grads living at home and engaging in profound underemployment, and yet they wouldn't consider voting Republican in November.  At best they will stay home, which may be enough for the country to reverse its giant brain fart, but we shall see.


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