Friday, April 27, 2012

Real Political Party of Genius

I think I have chronicled the particular genius of the modern day Democrats (Obamacrats, Pelosicrats, whatever you want to call them, but you know who they are...they are the crazy lefties that are slaughtering the moderates in their party):  having successfully bamboozled the American public at large that they are for "the people" and against "corporate greed" (whatever that means) and thus gained power, they go on to deliver an economy that is anemic and counter-productive to the living standards of the average citizen, while corporate profits are soaring. 

Today's evidence adds to the picture, a stagflationary 2.2% GDP growth number that hardly helps people get jobs or advance in life, but corporate earnings are pretty darned good.

U.S. stocks gained, sending the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index toward the biggest weekly advance in a month, after better-than-estimated earnings overshadowed data showing the economy expanded less than forecast.
We salute you Real Political Party of Genius.  You've even one-upped the giant taco salad inventor.  Crack open an ice cold Bud Light.

N.B.  I almost titled this post the "The Obamacrats' Taco Salad Economy".  Is that giant taco salad healthy?  Of course it is, it's a salad.  Is Obama's economy good for average Americans?  Of course it is, he's Obama.

UPDATE:  I kid you not, this just hit...the slow economy is good for America... I guess that's right, whatever Obama gives us has to be good for us, right...he's a Lightworker!


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