Monday, April 30, 2012

How Come This Dan Savage Guy Is Always Saying Stupid, Hateful Things?

We shouldn't have any "Czars" in the government, but let's take reality as it is and 1) accept that meaningless governmental posts are needed to combat perceived and actual social problems that we'd like to mitigate, 2) assume that "bullying" is fixable and worthy of said government attention and resources.  So who would make a good "Anti-Bullying Czar"?  One candidate might be a malcontented homosexual who says stupid and hateful things because a) he can't hold his liquor and/or b) is simply a malcontented homosexual who has a thinly veiled left-liberal agenda.  Another candidate would be a world famous freaky deaky entertainer who actually cares about anti-bullying.  Who would you choose?  Of course, we know who Obama - he of the Atrocities Prevention Board - chose.


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