Wednesday, May 09, 2012

NC Vote: You Can Feel the Liberal Cognitive Dissonance

Check out this despicable, yet hardly surprising, hate-fest in reaction to North Carolina's vote banning gay marriage.  People who actually know something about North Carolina know that for almost its entire history, residents have consistently left the state, until recently.  In recent years, North Cackalacky has experienced in-migration.  And guess what, it ain't those knuckle dragging white folk that are taking over the Tar Heel State.

Yup, it's those noble and blessed minorities who've been streaming in over the years.
 Who are these people who are immigrating to North Carolina today? Many are African
Americans whose families once left the state and are now returning to find jobs, to retire,
or to improve their quality of life. The end of segregation in the South in the 1960s has
made more of the new jobs available to African Americans. A lessening of racial tension
has also made life in the South more attractive. Meanwhile, racial problems, crime,
violence, a decline in jobs, and disappointment with the quality of life in urban areas of
the North have led many Black North Carolinians to return home. Many African
Americans say that they are returning to be with family members they left behind, to find
work, and to find safer schools and communities than they could find in the North.
 Another group of people who have come to North Carolina are people of Hispanic
heritages. In 1990, the number of Hispanics living in the state reached 76,726, a 35.5
percent jump over 1980.
Still other people are coming to North Carolina from other countries to find work or to
escape persecution in their home countries. The fastest growing segment of these inmigrants
has been Asian, with their population more than doubling between 1980 and
1990 from 21,168 to 52,166 people.
 All these minorities, it must be told, seem to be cancelling out the influence of all those northeastern liberals that have moved to NC...or maybe those liberal transplants have been mind-melded...

Truth is, North Carolina is a contemporary melting pot state.  The white hick schtick isn't born out by the demographics.  It's just that all those newly minted North Carolinians aren't voting the way that elitist liberals feel they should vote.  Just like when the California gay marriage vote that went down inflames because all those black people headed to the polls to elect Barack Obama, you can cut the "progressive" cognitive dissonance with a knife!

UPDATE:  Yeah, like I said, cognitive dissonance...


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