Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CAT: Obama Used Us to Dump a Load of Crap on America

Aside from being a 110% right on the money analysis, this also tells me that the folks at Caterpillar are a little ticked off that Obama used them shamelessly to promote the liberal boondoggle "stimulus" bill. CAT CEO, Jim Owens, is even on Barry O's economic advisory board, so this genteel criticism is a sharper rebuke than the language indicates. Kudos to the folks in Peoria for stating the obvious in our world of anodyne media blather and Orwellian phony-speak.

You heard it here first, too. If the US and China were both to engage in pure, unadulterated Keynesian infrastruture stimulus spending, the global economy would have had two powerful locomotives to pulling it out of the downturn, at least in the short term. Instead we chose pork-riddled social welfare and the global economy is left with only one powerful locomotive, in China, helped along by a feeble little caboose.

UPDATE: If you click through that second link, you'll see I suggested that what Jim Owens most likely really wanted out of Barry O was progress on the Colombia free trade agreement. So, did Owens have any influence on this... (note: as critical of Dear Leader as I am, if we get this free trade agreement I will definitely score this as a big plus in his column, but that just leaves him at even par after the Mexican truck debacle. Although there is a case to be made that Barry O had no clue the Mexican truck thing was in the stimulus bill. Nobody else read the thing, why would Barry have? If we get Colombia and we fix the Mexican truck thing, Barry will be 1/2 point in the plus column.)


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