Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You Can Have Any Car You Want, As Long As It's Green

Chrysler, in desperate need of some success, seeks to improve one of its best-selling vehicles, a vehicle without which the company would have been out of business ages ago. So, it makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee more fuel efficient. But our new industrial overloads in the Obama Administration are still pissed, 'cause its an SUV. But the highly-risky, certainly loss-making Chevy Volt is full speed ahead.

UPDATE: One of GM's best and historically most successful brands (but they had a bad 2008 when gas was at $4/gal.) ought to go says the Gubmint. Why? No small cars, obviously. GMC is a truck-only brand essentially. Social engineering via bailout. Don't despair though. Remember, you can fight the a Ford.


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