Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Business Has Buyer's Remorse

Conservatively, I would estimate that about 75% of American business that supported Obama is having buyers'  remorse.  I got an earful the other day from a friend at Goldman who cursed the "communist lynch mob" in government, yet who did he and all his Goldman colleagues vote for - not just vote for, but swoon over?  Bingo.  Far from Wall Street, people who make bulldozers are probably feeling the same way.

Now, Barry O is going after venture capital and they are scratching their heads.  They are asking themselves "WTF?  What did we do to deserve this, except go for Big O, like 80%?"   Ah, losers.  You make money, that's what you did.

Where were all these people not paying attention during the campaign?  You could have called BO's antipathy toward American capitalism a mile away.

The good news?  Businesses, big and small, hire people.  If business ain't happy, they will just sit on their hands and many people don't have jobs ("Going Galt" is, I beleive, the hip phrase for it).  And if many people don't have jobs come November 2012,  Barry O will be retired to the lecture circuit.


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