Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rudy's Foreign Policy Team

Foreign policy has never been my strong suit (nobody has ever accused me of being diplomatic), so I had a vague notion that Rudy has asembled a good foregin policy team, but the Powerline guys seem to think the team is better than good. As readers will know, Rudy has asembled a fantastic economic team too, that is particularly strong on tax policy. What's more, it looks like Rudy is signing up some heavy hitters from the business world too. I noticed that Wilbur Ross has lent his name to the Rudy campaign. Conventional wisdom of course dimisses Rudy as both idealogically incompatible with the conservative base (I hate that term but that is the accepted parlance of the modern age) and not sufficiently steeped in the Republican Party establishment to build the campaign machinery that it takes to win the White House. I don't know. Seems like Rudy is building a pretty good campaign edifice. Could the conventional wisdom be, gasp, wrong?


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And don't forget about this guy:

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Interesting, thanks.

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