Friday, March 13, 2015

Again, Socialism Is Not Compassionate

I made this point in the context of Greece's woes, that collectivist, statist, socialist systems are the least compassionate because they blow up, leaving everybody in the lurch without any alternatives.
Leftists are constantly telling us that government run healthcare is compassionate. What is compassionate about a system that breaks down catastrophically with no incentives to get people what they need? Take out the central-planning of the Greek healthcare system you might have a chance to get treatments to patients, albeit at higher costs. What is more compassionate, meeting patients' needs at higher cost or having them go without needed medicines altogether?
Now it's Venezuela's turn to make the point.  (Although I find the rich first world's obsession with healthcare a bit off-putting, it's a nice problem.  When there is no food to eat, that is a first order problem.)

The most compassionate system is the system that is sustainable, that will persist and be there when it is needed, theoretically in perpetuity.  Socialist systems are not those kind of systems, they break down all the time, thus they are NOT compassionate.


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