Tuesday, March 10, 2015

World Historical, Above The Fray Leader Laments New Local Law

Watching Dear Leader whine like a child is a beauteous thing. 

First there is the Iran letter.  As Byron York correctly points out - he can dish it out, but can't take it.  He's crapped all over congressional powers for years now, but moans when his powers get crapped on in return.

Second, there is this, which is more amazing than the Iran example.  To begin with, it's small ball.  One law, one state.  I don't recall the Lightworker moaning too much when Michigan or Indiana recently passed a similar law.  Not a peep about the same law on the books in 24 other states.  Finally, this is so clearly a state issue, he looks, once again, out of touch and/or hostile to our federalist system.  Hostile is my take.

Of course, this is raw politics, Walker is emerging quite smartly as a GOP contender for 2016, and there is no level that Lightworker won't stoop to play a little politics.  Ironic that the guy fancies himself an above-it-all, world-historical mover of great forces of history, and yet he voluntarily, consistently, chooses to play small ball.


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