Friday, April 04, 2014

Tax Rant

Ya' know I love reading stories this and this just as I'm about to write a big ass six figure check to the government.  Especially since 47% 43% (that awful Mitt Romney was WRONG, it's only 43%, not 47%) of my fellow citizens don't pay squat.

It's enough to go on a rant.  I'll outsource my rant to this guy.

A Shout-out to Those Who Will Enjoy My Money

Just filed my income tax returns.

I am not happy.

My money will be going to fund the superstate and its many transgressions. My money will be going to people I don't like or mostly don't know. It will help pay for illegal aliens to go to school; pay for food stamp programs to be advertised in Mexico; fund abortion clinics and leftwing public broadcasting; provide guns to drug cartels; suppress dissent at home; listen to every phone call made in America; and, of course, to pay for six out of seven persons now allegedly enrolled in Obamacare.

And, yes, I am paying for Michelle "Toned Arms" Obama to go on vacation in Spain, Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, and China. That's on me. Blame me. Go ahead. My wife does. My wife wants to go on vacation to Spain, but she can't because I have to pay for Michelle's vacation.

I am delighted to pay for our armed services and for the procurement of the meanest, and baddest weapon systems, but this other stuff . . . no, I am not.
Final parting thought.  Take it from me, us 1%ers (or 2%ers, or 4%ers, it's different every year) would be happy to pay our totally unfair share if the mediocrities, incompetents, and power-mad dickheads in government didn't waste, steal, lose, misplace and otherwise wipe their asses with our money.  Greed has nothing to do with it.  I can light my money on fire at home.


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