Thursday, April 03, 2014

Obama to College Students: Get Fired Up For Hourly Pay! WOO-HOO!

Obama pitches higher minimum wage to students.
Speaking to a crowd of mostly students yesterday at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Obama made his appeal on economic grounds.
“Raising the minimum wage is not going to solve all of our economic challenges,” Obama said. “But here’s one thing we do believe: Nobody who works full-time should be raising their family in poverty.” 
This is supposed to fire them up?  Minimum wage?  They are going to college and they're gonna be jazzed to know they could earn a slightly higher minimum wage?  Really?

I guess "Dream Big" isn't what it used to be.

UPDATE:  I was going to analyze how Obama could find himself in this position, but ran short of time.  I have a theory that politicians have a set of doctrinaire positions and a set of loyal supporters and they assume that all supporters support all positions, or for some reason they feel they can espouse any of their doctrinaire positions to any of their supporters.  This is an example, and this is why you see Democrats talking about immigration reform in front adoring labor union audiences.  These head-scratchers are more understandable when you internalize the idea of preaching any approved message to any adoring choir, even if there is an overt, and awkward, disconnect.  Jonah Goldberg gets to this a bit in this piece.


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