Friday, March 21, 2014

The Racial Lose-Lose Situation

I wrote recently about the lose-lose situation that the racialists on the left have setup for white America.
See the dilemma here for white America?  It's a double standard with increasingly brutal consequences.  Frankly we're pretty sick of it.  This annoyance is expressed in multiple ways.  Buying Paula's book in solidarity for instance.  Another is retreating from this ridiculous phony "conversation on race" that the elite racialists keep insisting we have.  The only way to not lose the game is not to play, which is why in multiple subtle ways much of white America has checked out of the discussion.  Concern about race relations and mutual well-being is just not that high on the priority list because the elite opinion-makers have rigged the game.  So don't bitch to me about the lack of progress on race relations in America.  Progress requires willing parties, and the racialists have created a massive unwilling party by setting up lose-lose rules of public discourse.
The WSJ has an important and infuriating editorial up today about the recent racialist attack on Paul Ryan.  Here is the money bit.
So even though Mr. Ryan never mentioned race, liberals attacked his off-the-cuff remarks as racist while the President's moral lecture was hardly noticed. Republicans are accused of racism if they ignore the least fortunate, and now they're racist for taking poverty and its causes seriously. Unless you unreservedly favor the welfare status quo, or used to be a community organizer, the left gets you coming and going.
The attacks on Mr. Ryan are one more example of the politics of personal vilification that typifies the left these days. Its policies were supposed to reduce inequality, but instead the income gap is widening. They were supposed to lift people out of poverty, but poverty has increased.
So the last thing they can tolerate is a conservative like Mr. Ryan who is looking for better solutions and using a moral language of opportunity and upward mobility that could appeal to Americans of all incomes and backgrounds. Liberals have to smear conservatives personally because they know they're losing on the merits.
"Coming and going" is synonymous with the lose-lose I describe.  The racialists are going to have to change these stacked rules of the game or they will find no one wants to play, and the distrust and division will only deepen.  Taken to its logical end, there will literally be the two Americas they so often rhetorically decry as we won't be able to live together at some point.  Based on their tactics, it's almost as if that's what they really want.


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