Thursday, March 20, 2014

#GreenEnergyFail or Maybe #StimulusFail...or Both

Some VA hospital in Minnesota has a $2.5 million wind turbine that doesn't work.  This was your stimulus money.  This is why we are going broke, but you keep electing these socialist, central planning d**kheads.  Enjoy it America.
A 600-kilowatt wind turbine -- some 245 foot tall -- stands on the wintry VA grounds, frozen in time and temperature, essentially inoperable for the past 1 1/2 years. No one is working to fix it, though many attempts were made to repair the turbine, once billed as a model green energy project. 
"The St. Cloud VA is a hospital, and our focus is on our patients and we like to think that we treat our veterans very well here," said Barry Venable, a public affairs officer for the VA in St. Cloud. "We're embarrassed that this turbine does not operate as advertised." 
That's quite the about-face from the buildup in December 2009 over the announcement of the central Minnesota turbine, the lone Department of Veterans Affairs project included in the White House document touting President Obama's executive order for federal agencies to lead the way on renewable energy.
Two pieces of advice.  Stop electing these losers and invest in energy that works.


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