Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Terrible Marketing from the ObamaCare Folks

Holy crap the ObamaCare idiots are bad at marketing.  It's been one marketing fail after another.  My recent favorite is marketing to young males by showing male nudity.  Wow, that's some out-of-the-box (and totally ineffective) thinking.

Now comes employing pro athletes to convince athletes to sign up for ObamaCare.  Shane Battier is on board.

Let's just get this straight - no halfway decent sports medicine specialist is going to accept ObamaCare insurance.  And if you are a serious athlete, there is no way you are going to entrust your care to a doctor who does.  High-end sports medicine will operate nearly totally outside the parameters of ObamaCare.

The marketing hook is akin to saying that you'll play b-ball as well as Kevin Durant by drinking Gatorade.  But Gatorade costs a few bucks.  ObamaCare costs a few thousand bucks.

Beyond all this, think of the confused messaging and lack of coherence and integration in the marketing campaign.  Who is the face of ObamaCare, who carries/embodies the message?  Is it Shane Battier, LeBron James, Pajama Boy, Angry Diane Feinstein-looking Mom, a nagging Michelle Obama, Keg Standing Brosurance Dude, Slutty Millennial Gal?  Who?  This is all over the board, totally scattershot.  Good marketing stays on message and pounds the message home with unequivocal imagery. 


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