Friday, March 28, 2014

Is "Noah" Propaganda for the Delta Smelt?

From Joe Morgenstern's review of "Noah"...
Commanded to build an ark, he rises to the challenge. (The film comes up with a beautifully inventive source of lumber, and provides heavy-lifting labor in the form of Watchers, about whom more, unfortunately, will be said below.) And he's fine with the passenger list, as far as it goes. Innocent animals, two by two? This Noah, as written by Mr. Aronofsky and Ari Handel, accepts their innocence and welcomes them aboard. When it comes to humanity, though—to the hordes of desperate humans struggling to save themselves from the flood in a sequence suggestive of Hieronymus Bosch—Noah draws the line, and ruthlessly. Saving the innocent means only the animals: "Men are going to be punished for what they've done to this world."
Morgenstern surveys the criticism...
The movie may well be punished in some quarters for the darkness of this concept; it has already been ridiculed by Glenn Beck as "pro-animal" and "strongly antihuman." 
...but doesn't agree with the assessment.  That's fine, but it sure is in keeping with lefties' behavior in the public policy arena.  To wit, they are driving farmers in California's central valley to the wall, destroying livelihoods, not to mention their ability to grow food for other humans, all for concern over the delta smelt

And, of course, there is the ever-present annoyance of hyper-lefties derogatory reference to "breeders."

So, I'm not so convinced that this criticism can be dismissed, it is consistent with the way they act in the real world.


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