Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holy Projection Batman!

Update on the Leeland Yee arrest and indictment I mentioned here.

Yee is a big gun control pol.  So the FBI nabs him on, of course...arms trafficking!
In a stunning development that almost certainly torpedoes Yee's quest for statewide office, the San Francisco Democrat wound up glum and disoriented in a federal courtroom Wednesday. The politician who introduced anti-gun-violence legislation is now charged with trafficking in firearms and public corruption in an FBI undercover operation that could land him in prison for years.
Check out the fun here.  This would be like all those Democratic politicians crying "War on Women" and yet are serial sexual harassers. It almost as if you should assume their rhetoric is a mask to hide their deep-seated self-awareness of what loathsome characters they are...

UPDATE:  Holy Moley.  Real arms-trafficking to really bad dudes who do really bad things.


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