Friday, June 07, 2013

Obama Ruining the Dems' Brand?

I have argued for many many moons now that Obama is doing enormous damage to the Democrats and there must be a debate raging in back-room circles as to how much damage the party is willing to take.  (Based on the evidence of the last two years, the answer seems to be ALOT.)  But that may be coming to an end as Obama has now ventured into territory that Dems should be militant in defending - their brand as the party of good government.  Of course, it is a total farce of a howler that Democrats own that brand, but there it is, such is life.  Ed Morrissey chronicles some of the disillusionment seeping in in this regard.  Is Obama trashing the Dems' claim to be the party of good and up-standing government?  I think so.  That's bad, because after that goes, all they have left is to be the party of "more free shit, paid for by rich white guys who we hate".

Despite winning in November, "How much pain is still?" is still a pressing question for the powers that be in the party. 


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