Friday, June 07, 2013

How To Tell When Europe Is Truly Desperate

Coming out of the global sub-prime mortgage crisis that they imported from the US, Europe engaged in a fit of (even crazier than normal) left-wing experimenting in policy and politics.  But then they found themselves in another crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, and now their backs are really against the wall. 

So, what do lefties do when they are desperate?  Adopt "right-wing" economics.  Or at least reverse course on their own left-wing insanity.  So, that financial transactions tax that they proposed?  Gut it.  Those crazy Basel III banking rules?  Water them down.  And what could set a Euro-leftist's heart more aflutter than higher taxes on energy?  Whoops, not so fast.

Yep, I'd say they're truly desperate.


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