Monday, February 07, 2011

Obama to Biz: I Can't Spread the Wealth Alone, So Please Help Me Do It

Is it just cynical (and not-very-pro-Obama) ole' me or did the Chamber of Commerce speech today not even attempt a warmed-over centrism but just offer a six-one-way-half-dozen-the-other formulation of "spread the wealth"? Nope, not just me. He's not even hiding it any more, although to be fair, I think this speech was probably mostly for the consumption of his socialist weenie base. After the speech, he was no doubt handing out cards with Bill Daley's phone number on them saying "Got a sticky problem, need a waiver? Not a union? No problem. Call Big Bill's Crony Capitalist Favor Emporium. Offer Valid thru 11/6/12"


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