Monday, December 07, 2009

Obamanomics: Setting New Standards of Dumb

Remember President Obama's "Jobs Summit"? I know, I know, it was so long last Thursday or Friday, can't remember myself. Anyway, if you thought that this little event might not be a serious endeavor but perhaps a piece of political theater, look no further than the big headline today, not 48 business hours later - the EPA is going to regulate, well, almost everything.

How many times have I said on this blog that American businessmen/women large and small are scared sh**less and hiding underneath their desks given the sheer tsunami of stifling, destructive statist interventions planned by the socialists in Congress and Dear Leader? Many times. And yet one of the largest regulatory encroachments into the broad economy in our history was announced just days after the so-called "jobs summit." Not that there was much of a glimmer of job growth anyway, but this will absolutely freeze businesses in their tracks waiting to see how bad it can get. Astoundingly dumb. Setting new standards of dumb.

UPDATE: Obama's latest plan to boost the economy and create jobs is out today, and it is...totally lame. Maybe they are betting that they can propose this weak stuff and when the economy recovers on its own, they can take credit and then propose more of this stuff because "it worked." That is a very big bet, essentially an "all in" bet on a second term. With businesses frozen in their tracks for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the uncertainty regarding the EPA's new powers to regulate almost everything, that is going all in with a weak hand.

UPPDATE: I focused on the EPA insanity, but TigerHawk picks up on anti-jobs policy in Obama's Labor Department. As I said, they are using all the tools and attacking American business on all fronts. if you think the economy is going to get back to normal given this policy assault, well, you're crazy.


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