Monday, January 30, 2006

At Least Resume Paper Is Selling in Hooverville

Here are interesting survey results out today about the number of currently employed folks that are looking for a new job. The results speak volumes about the state of the economy. I think the 65% number is implausibly high, but if it is indeed indicative of reality it just substantiates my point all the more. To wit, what kind of "worker" looks for a job, one who is desperately fearful of impending doom and that their financial lives will unravel at any moment or one for whom the prospects of a better deal outweigh the risks of being found out as somehow discontented? Naturally, it is the latter, indicating that "workers" detect opportunities and are far from fearful. Of course, this could be indicative of unwarranted overconfidence or complacency, much like during the dot com bubble. At that time everyone was convinced that there was a bigger-better-deal out there and that their skills made them deserving of it. Clearly it ended badly and it is plausible that today's economy is analogous, but it is definitely not plausible that a majority of Americans think the economy stinks, as Bloomberg and LA Times would have us think. If you think the economy is headed for a disaster you put your head down, you do your damn job, and you don't rock the boat; you don't polish up your resume.


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