Thursday, March 17, 2016

Buyer's Remorse?

Ha.  So the lefty post-mortems are coming in regarding the Obama years and they are lamenting that there just wasn't all that much "change" as part of Hope'n'Change. (h/t Instapundit)

That's fine, they can lament the lack of complete and utter progressive transformation all they want, a failure of a sort to them.  What they won't do (and I am waiting for an honest lefty to pen one) is assess another type of failure, that of outright backfire.  I laid out what would most likely be a lamentable list of backfire that the lefties could choke on as the Obama era winds down.
- The post-Obama American citizenry will be massively more armed than pre-Obama;
- A post-Obama America will have a healthcare system far deeper in disarray;
- A post-Obama America will less respected around the world, (considered weak by its enemies and unreliable by its friends);
- A post-Obama America will be more bitterly divided and contentious;
- A post-Obama America will have substantially more income inequality than pre-Obama America
 That's just for starters.  What is more terrifying to contemplate for lefties is that America may have less, call it, constitutional solidity by which to restrict the depredations of a conservative (or even just a non-progressive) POTUS.  What would a President Trump seek to do that he would not have considered were it not for a Constitution-flouting Obama??


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