Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is Ms. Magazine's "Guns Are Yucky" Article a Hoax?

Put aside for now the prospect that this story might be fake.  What a whimpering ninny this chick is. 
 It was obvious from the way I handled the gun that I knew nothing about firearms. Tony sold it to me anyway.
The whole thing [buying the gun] took  7 minutes. As a gratified consumer, I thought, “Well, that was easy.” Then the terrifying reality hit me, “Holy hell, that was EASY.”  Too easy. I still knew nothing about firearms.
 Tony told me a Glock doesn’t have an external safety feature, so when I got home and opened the box and saw the magazine in the gun I freaked. I was too scared to try and eject it as thoughts flooded my mind of me accidentally shooting the gun and a bullet hitting my son in the house or rupturing the gas tank of my car, followed by an earth-shaking explosion. This was the first time my hands shook from the adrenaline surge and the first time I questioned the wisdom of this 30-day experiment.
Little old ladies can be pretty bad drivers, but car salesmen sell them cars easy-peasy too. 

Anyway, I can only contrast this with 11-yr old Princess Baseball, who hit the Sporting Clays course this past weekend with yours truly for National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day.   Nary a ninnyish thought crossed PB's mind except for maybe the initial (modest) concern over how hard her new 20 gauge would kick (she shamed a 13 yr. old boy with a 28 gauge!).  After that it was a Clay Dusting-a-palooza - 30 hit clays out of 125 fired shots.  Not bad (actually quite good) for a first time out on the clays course.

Maybe PB will want to write a piece for Ms. Magazine showing off how a confident young gal can take up an intimidating endeavor.  It'd be an improvement over the whimpering tripe of Heidi Yewman.


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