Monday, March 04, 2013

Tax Receipts to Hit All-Time High, Feds Still Hundreds of Billions Short

So, the latest update from the Congressional Budget Office says that, in 2013, the federal government will collect more money - $2.7 trillion - in taxes than it has ever in its history. 

You would think that being on pace to collecting more money than it has ever taken in during a single year, that we'd be able to fund everything that we do.  But you'd be wrong.  By alot.  The CBO still estimates a deficit of $845 billion. 

Again, our federal government is going to pull in more money than it has ever pulled in and yet we are still going to be $845 billion short and we have a President going around saying that everything is going to come to a halt, people will get fired, people will starve, the elderly will suffer.  See how screwy this whole thing is?  The government has taken on more than it can ever do without bankrupting us.  The plane is nosediving. We better pull up soon.


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