Wednesday, December 05, 2012

CNBC In Bullsh*t Anti Anti-ObamaCare Survey

Sometimes (OK, very often) there are things published in the media, based on "surveys" that are preposterous and simply defy common sense.  This is one of them.
The brand perceptions of Papa John's, Applebee's and Denny's took beatings after high-ranking representatives of the companies said Obamacare would force them to stop building restaurants, cut worker hours and raise prices.
First, despite what you might think, given the re-election of the guy who never had a real job, ObamaCare remains solidly unpopular.  So why would we assume that businesses who talk honestly about the consequences of the legislation diminish their reputation.  Secondly, didn't we recently see a shockingly large and unprecedented outpouring of support for a restaurant business that challenged government dictats, and isn't ObamaCare, while not directly analogous, in many ways a government dictat?  Thirdly, healthcare costs are demonstrably higher across many sectors of the economy, why would people assume that this phenomenon would somehow bypass the fast food restaurant sector?  Fourthly,  the survey comes from "an online YouGov" brand index, ergo it's bullshit.

Talk to me when sales are down at these companies.


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