Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Constitutional Law Professor Who Don't Know Jack?

I was reading the Lightworker's warning yesterday to the Supreme Court and I said to myself, "Self, for a constitutional law professor, this guy sure don't know jack about the Constitution or the Court." Sure enough the WSJ hits the theme today and they pretty much say it too, although they know he knows what he's doing, it's just that the community organizer wins out over the legal scholar.

And, he clearly is delusional about who and how the ACA was passed. Just some fun tidbits from the ethically bereft episode at the time: "Slaughter Rule"; "deem and pass"; "Cornhusker Kickback"; "Louisiana Purchase"; "Bart Stupak's cave"

...and remember this little bit of Calvinball?

...and, of course, there is Alcee "There are no rules (plus, I am a crook!)" Hastings.

Yes, it was the very essence of people power that brought us ObamaCare!


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