Thursday, January 08, 2009


In August of 2006, Michael Totten said (of Israel and those who want to destroy it), "War is coming again, and it's coming like Christmas."

He would have been more accurate if he said, "War is coming again, and its coming like Christmas...and on Christmas."

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I haven't given it much thought lately b/c I'm preoccupied with the markets, but this doesn't seem like a smart move on Iran's part.  Perhaps they felt like they had to take another shot at Israel before they really have to confront their own problems.  Memories are still fresh, Israelis know their problem in 2006 was lack of will.  Did the Iranians really think that they could let Hamas loose and get the same wooly response from the Israelis as in 2006?  Or maybe they are trying to tie up the Israelis so they don't have time to do something else...


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