Thursday, October 20, 2005

$500 to Run Against Don Young in 2006

If there is a small government, pro-growth, anti-pork type Alaskan who wants to run against Don Young in the 2006 primary, I will help you crank up your campaign kitty with a $500 donation. No social issue litmus test, just sign an anti-pork pledge, post it on your official website, file your papers and I'll write the check.


Blogger BlogDog said...

I already sent a donation to my senator (George Allen) saying that I was making the donation based on his support for the Coburn Amendment. I hope he gets the word.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Gib said...

That's a good idea. Unfortunately, as a Georgian, I don't have a Senator who supported the Coburn Amendment.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Duke of DeLand said...

No Senator from your state who voted favorably on Coburn's amendment?

THEN.....Tell each of your non-supportive Senators, via email/letter, etc. that you have X$ available, but will only donate them to those who speak and vote for "anti-pork"....


4:27 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Ha. I am from MA. And none of my Senators supported the Coburn amendments. So I will just give money to their opponents...wait a minute!

Stupid state.

4:31 PM  
Blogger DrTony said...

There's no rule against donating to a Senate campaign from a different state from where you live. If you live in a "stupid state" where you don't have the option of an acceptable candidate, use your money to help get rid of someone from some other state.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Donny Baseball said...

Indeed. I'm not an OK resident and I gave to Coburn's Senate campaign.

If this becomes a trend, eventually the number crunchers at Republican Party HQ will start to scratch their heads, "Hmmm, how is it that guys like Coburn attract so much out of state campaign money?" Hmmm, indeed.

5:57 PM  
Blogger GT said...

A great idea. The only problem here, and I used to work on the Hill, is that Young gets a TON of money from AK interest groups and businesses and it is a small media market that doesn't require a lot of money in which to campaign.

I worked in the Revolution of 1994 and am as disappointed as anyone over the way Republicans have become part of the problem, but might I suggest starting with Republican anti-pork candidates running in a primary against incumbent pork-Dems?

6:23 PM  
Blogger Donny Baseball said...

point well taken, but as I stated in a previous post on this subject - life isn't as rewarding if you can't savor the possibilities.

maybe we'll just need to hope that Young makes a stupid stock trade or talks glowingly about Strom Thurmond or something like that.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Assistant Village Idiot said...

Andrew, Sen Sununu from NH is one of the Coburn sponsors. We are a Red State drifting gradually Blue (lots of people from away moving in), and hang in the balance.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Buckeye Beauford said...

Might also want to support John Boehner from Ohio. He has been anti-pork since he came to Congress, never asks for pork, and voted against the highway bill.

8:02 PM  
Blogger GT said...

I hammered Young on my blog, which I have the propriety not to pimp here, so I agree.

What the hell happened to the G.O.P. being the party of fiscal restraint?

9:53 PM  
Blogger GT said...

Oh, one more thing: Boehner was part of the "Gang Of Seven", one of whom was the the Congressman I worked for, and Boehner is solid.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Donny Baseball said...

Permission to pimp your blog here is granted, although the value of that permission is probably pretty low.

9:16 AM  
Blogger GT said...

Thanks, but no, I have my standards. One last point on this Don Young thing: had Stevens resigned he would have been replaced by... Don Young. It nearly always works out that way in a state with one at large Congressman. Look at Wyoming and Wallop/Thomas, Simpson/Enzi.

You have a good blog though and got your first Insta-lanche. I am still waiting for mine...

10:39 AM  

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